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A Technological Breakthrough

Claire utilizes the same technology found in semi-conductor manufacturing in order to produce our X1 and X3 Quantum Disinfection™ products. The key to this technology is the catalytic reaction created when different substances are chemically deposited onto the substrate, creating a lack of electrons at the media surface. In order to restore this lack of electrons, the Quantum Disinfection™ surfaces attract electrons from passing bacteria. This powerful surface reaction destroys the bacteria instantly.

No Power

No power

Because Quantum Disinfection™ uses catalytic surface reactions, no power is needed for disinfection to happen. No lines, no wires, no plugs, just install on your water line.

No Maintenance

No maintenance

Quantum Disinfection™ is a true install-and-forget technology. No monthly backwashing or maintenance required.

No Chemicals

No chemicals

Again, because Quantum Disinfection™ uses catalytic surface reactions, no chemicals are needed for disinfection to happen. Nothing is released into the water.

Costs Savings

Cost Savings

Quantum Disinfection™ is a cheaper alternative to power- based disinfection methods because there are no parts to replace and no power is consumed.

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