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CLAIRIFY12 was engineered to be the ultimate disinfection unit for your home. The media inside is component certifed to NSF 42, while the plastic outer shell is component certifed to NSF 61. The unit provides year-round protection, even when the power goes out. CLAIRIFY12 is the smallest, easiest-to-use disinfection unit on the market. Works by using Quantum Disinfection™ inside. This revolutionary technology uses surface charges to instantly eliminate bacteria. No power. No chemicals. Just clean water.

clairify12- 140k

CLAIRIFY12 has been tested for over 2 years and millions of gallons in numerous point-of-entry settings. The precise engineering of the device and the micron-specific production of the Quantum Disinfection™ technology inside ensures its disinfection performance. In addition to bacteria, the CLAIRIFY12 unit also reduces chlorine, fluoride and nitrates through surface catalytic reactions. Safe and effective as evidenced by its NSF 42 certification, the CLAIRIFY12 represents a breakthrough in water treatment technology for point-of-entry uses.

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